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Anastasia Romanova Photography

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When photographing the portraits of the bride and groom alone, we always strive to create a relaxed and stressless atmosphere. One of the most important aspects in our photography business is how we make our clients feel on their wedding day. And we do our best to provide our brides and grooms with the best photographic experience ever. This particular photograph, which was taken at the Running Dear Gold Club had a very easy setup. The time was about an hour before the sunset. We positioned Keith and Amanda on top of the hill and just asked the couple if they could do a twirl. That's it. Shooting with the zoom lenses gives us an opportunity to stay in the distance and give our clients a little bit more privacy. It also helps they to feel more relaxed and just be more themselves as if nobody is watching them. The Running Deer Golf Club is located in Pittsgrove Township, South Jersey. Phone:(856) 358-2000. Website: Location: 1111 Parvin Mill Rd, Pittsgrove Township, NJ 08318

Location: Running Dear Golf Club.