Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Photographer
Anastasia Romanova Photography

Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Union Trust, one of the Finley Catering wedding venues in Philadelphia, offers a whole variety of breathtaking photo opportunities for their brides and grooms and for us as photographers. This space is huge and features super high ceilings, massive stone walls with gorgeous uplighting that always look quite impressive on photographs. When photographing a wedding at the Union Trust, we always try to make sure that there is some time left before the cocktail hour for the bride and groom to have their portraits taken before the guests fill in the room. 

This photograph of Caroline and Steve, our amazing couple, was taken on the second level of the venue where the cocktail hour is usually being set up. The bright red uplighting created a perfect set up for a dramatic vibrant silhouette. It took us couple minutes to clear up all the cocktail hour tables and chairs in order to eliminate all the distractive objects from the frame and to position the bride and groom in the right place where they can be clearly visible. We asked them to stand just two-three feet aside from the wall and have their hands around each other. 

There was no additional light used to lit this image. The only light is coming from the red wall uplighting. 

ISO 800; 35mm; f/3.5; 1/60 sec.

Location: 717 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106.