Union Trust Wedding Reception Photographer
Anastasia Romanova Photography

Union Trust Wedding Reception Photographer

Union Trust in Philadelphia is one of the most stunning and breathtaking Finley Catering venues. The richness and vibrancy of its backdrops is beyond gorgeous and it is not a surprise why it is one of the most popular and acclaimed wedding venues in Philadelphia.

When photographing a wedding and telling the couple's story, it is crucial to document it in every small detail and aspect that is present. One of those are the photographs of the reception room and decor and all the little personalized  details that represent the couple's style and have been selected by them for a reason. The wedding reception room  is usually being photographed during the 15-20 minutes while all the guests are at the cocktail hour. This is the only opportunity throughout the day when these photos can be taken. Once the guests are seated at their tables, the reception room and decor will have an absolutely different look. 

This photograph was taken at one of the wedding receptions we had an honor to photograph at the Union Trust. You still can see some people enjoying the cocktail hour on the upper level, but the main reception floor was still empty and we had some time left to document this remarkable set up. There was no external light used to lit the scene. The only light we used was the available ambient light coming from the candle lit centerpieces, the wall uplighting and the natural light coming from the big windows upstairs.

Canon 5D mark III; ISO 1250; 35mm; f/4/0; 1/50 sec.

Location: 717 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106.