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We are firm believers that great photography is meant to make you feel something, and therefore, it deserves to live in print.

Nothing can tell a better story of your wedding day and pass it on to the next generations like a beautifully crafted wedding album. After the wedding flowers, invitations, your wedding venue are all gone, your wedding album will be something that has all of those gorgeous memories preserved for you to enjoy over and over again.

Each of our albums is a unique, handcrafted labor of love made to last a lifetime. It will be one of your first family heirlooms, and we want to provide you with a superior quality product that will exceed your expectations.


You’ve trusted us to tell the story of your wedding day, and now it is our job to translate that story into a beautifully curated wedding album. We will pre-design your album and deliver your first draft while we will deliver your online gallery. It is important for us to get a draft in your hands as soon as possible and show you how the story is being told through the best images of the day.

Your initial design will include more pages that were originally included in your base album. This way, we can show you the full potential of your wedding photographs, and you can see how great they look together on an album page.

You will be able to flip through the album pages online and request any changes you want, like remove, delete, change, replace enlarge photos, add/remove pages, and more.

There are a few reasons why we love doing the album pre-design for our couples and why we believe it is an important part of your experience with us:

  1. We want to take the overwhelming task of selecting your own photos for the album and create a timeless design that will make you proud and happy.
  2. We photograph weddings with having an album in mind. In the back of our heads, we intuitively create various sets of photos that in the future will work together beautifully on an album spread, will be well color-coordinated, and will provide a consistent designer look of the entire album.
  3. Your album pre-design will give you a much better idea of what photos you really want to keep in the album and which ones need to be added, replaced, or deleted. It will be effortless for you to make these decisions and make some micro-adjustments once you can see a full picture of how your album could look like.

You will have two revisions of your album design, and we will work closely with you on all of your requested adjustments to ensure the album is absolutely perfect for you.

Click here to see some of our sample wedding album designs.


When choosing a perfect size for your wedding album, we believe that simplicity is key. That is why we offer you to choose from just two album sizes that have proved themselves to be perfect fits for showcasing a wedding story most compellingly and have been our clients’ favorites over the years. The couple’s albums come in sizes 10x10 and 12X12 and include 30 pages/15 spreads.


Parent albums come in 8x8 and 10x10 sizes and include 30pages/15 spreads. These albums can be an exact copy of your wedding album or custom designed to your liking (an additional design fee of $200 will apply).

The parent albums come in our signature Portrait Book finish. You can also have the parent album upgraded to the leather option if you wish.


Our wedding albums already come with many gorgeous details included, like a sturdy faux leather presentation box, a variety of luxurious leather cover options for your to choose from, cover imprinting of your names, and your wedding date. The most popular album upgrade options are additional album pages, upgrading the album's size, adding photos, or your custom wedding logo engraved on the album cover. Options are endless!


Our wedding albums are meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, with superior high-end quality comes a higher price tag. Couple's wedding albums start at $1300, and parent wedding albums start at $700.

The albums are available for purchase a la carte or can be a part of a wedding collection that includes a bundle discount (up to $600 off!). You can learn more about our pricing here.

If you decide to invest in your album before the wedding, the cost will be locked in your contract. You also have an option to order your album at any time after the wedding at the studio's current pricing.


All of our couples and parent albums come in a gorgeous black presentation box, which is a great secure storage option to keep your album safe throughout the years.


You will be able to choose from a variety of luxurious Italian leather cover options for your wedding album. If you prefer linen or faux leather cover for your album, we have those options available as well.


Along with the online gallery, you will receive a beautiful custom USB drive where all of your wedding photos will be stored. The USB drives are included in all of our wedding packages and custom wedding collections.