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Anastasia and Vladimir captured EXACTLY what we wanted from our day. Looking at our pictures, you can tell that people had was a celebration! Everything looks natural, even the "posed" pictures. People are laughing and smiling and are animated and Anastasia caught all of that. The photographs tell the story of our day. As we were looking through them quickly, my husband and I could identify which sentence in our ceremony we were at just by the expressions they caught. We could tell where in the speeches a laugh or smile or cry happened. We knew based on Anastasia’s albums that the pictures would be beautiful with an artistic flair...but I had no idea that I could look through them and relive every moment of our day, even all the moments we missed! To top it all off, Anastasia and Vladimir are genuine and sweet and responsive and I am so glad we trusted them to capture our day!


I thought picking a wedding photographer would be a difficult task. When I came across Anastasia's website I felt connected to her pictures and knew that I must have her to document my wedding. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. She takes more than just pictures, she truly documents the moments, the story, and the emotions in a way that I could not have even fathomed. I have received numerous comments on how the pictures look as though they're from a bridal magazine. You can truly sense the energy from the photos. You will be lucky if you are able to have Anastasia and Vladimir do for your wedding what they have done for mine. Not to mention that they are both extremely kind-hearted and welcoming people but beyond talented in their art. I am forever thankful for the memories that Anastasia & Vladimir were able to capture.


If you're hoping to capture your Wedding memories in an amazingly elegant, artistic and purely beautiful way, I strongly recommend Anastasia Romanova photography. This incredibly talented team took such great care of us from planning discussions to the walk down the aisle and throughout the big day!!! We had a large wedding, lots of bridal party attendants, flower girls and more and Anastasia and Vladimir both orchestrated our requested photos as well as swept around us to capture candid moments too!! This is all before I even saw the first photo! When we saw the Facebook preview it nearly brought me to tears. I could not have imagined that the images of my new husband and I would be so perfect. We will think of ARP very fondly for years to come as we enjoy and share their photos of our Wedding Day!


Anastasia and Vladimir were absolutely amazing at our wedding this past September. They were so easy to work with and made us feel very comfortable. Anastasia was always quick to respond to any questions we had throughout the whole planning process. We are so happy we picked Anastasia and Vladimir as our photographers. The completed pictures are perfect! All of the shots they got and the different angles were great. It was a magical day and the pictures helps us relive that magic over and over again. Anastasia delivers quality work. Thank you to Anastasia and Vladimir for making our wedding day everything we could have imagined and more.


Our photographs are gorgeous! I looked at so many photographers' websites but was instantly hooked when I saw Anastasia's work. She has a richness to her photographs and captures sweet genuine moments that can only be caught in an instant. She has an incredible eye! When I met with Anastasia for the first time her, her confidence and strength were as evident as her kindness. I think it's important to note that she was very clear in outlining when we should put together the wedding day's timeline and she essentially crafted it when the time came. I knew she had complete control over the timing and knew what needed to be photographed so that on the day of the wedding my husband and I were able to just relax and enjoy. She and Vladimir were an absolute pleasure to work with. They seemed genuinely happy to share our day with us. They were open to suggestion and very direct with their thoughts and opinions when asked. We could not be happier with the results!


As a bride you have so many things to worry about and you tend to forget about a lot of things but no need to worry about that with Anastasia. Her communication is beyond expectation. She guides you through the process along with honest feedback. From our engagement shoot- she asked us in advance what the look we are going for and let us have fun with it. On our wedding day she was patient, observant and overall amazing. She and Vladimir captured all of the little details I was worried she would had missed but she didn't! If you are looking for an awesome duo to shoot your wedding don't look any further! I bet you will not be disappointed at all!

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You can truly tell Anastasia and Vladimir love what they do, and are true artists. Prior to the wedding, communicating with Anastasia was a breeze. She was quick to respond and very polite and patient as I asked ten million questions! As we got closer to the date, she offered to help set up my time line. I sent her what I had planned so far, and she made a few suggestions. The suggestions were extremely helpful, and things I hadn’t necessarily thought of. Anastasia and Vladimir were an excellent team, and worked to capture my day from every possible angle without being intrusive. To be honest I barely noticed them all day! They were extremely professional. They were polite and patient, and captured some truly special moments that I’m very happy to have.  We received our final photos only five weeks after the date (so fast!), and I’m thrilled with every single one. The colors, composition and moments are perfect in every shot. I couldn’t be happier!


I spent a considerable amount of time researching on the Internet, attending bridal shows, and perusing bridal magazines in order to find just the right photographer. Anastasia & Vlad were everything I was looking for and more, in terms of their personalities and portfolio. The final product of both the engagement and wedding photos far exceeded our expectations! Even if you're unsure of what style of photography you want, you can feel confident in allowing Anastasia was take the lead. She has a wonderful way of using the environment to create inspiration that manifests itself in romantic, almost magical photos. It's truly impressive!


Anastasia and Vladimir did a fantastic job capturing our day and working with our large families. They got great candid shots while also making our posed pictures not look cheesy. We had a really windy day and questionable weather but they were so great to work with and made everything stress free. Their pre-wedding information is wonderful and her after wedding "package" with the zip drive was so adorable! They are great from beginning to end!


I cannot express how thankful I am to Anastasia and Vladimir for their extreme professionalism and accommodations or our wedding day. All of our friends and family raved about how wonderful they were. We had a really unique venue and did not have a lot of time for pictures, but Anastasia captured everything perfectly. As promised, we received our wedding photos within 2 weeks (some other photographers take months). I am totally over the moon. Thanks Anastasia and Vladimir for everything!


Anastasia and Vladimir were absolutely amazing photographers. We LOVED our wedding pictures so much! They look so beautiful and natural, and Anastasia is incredibly creative with her shots. As I was looking through my pictures, there were so many moments that I never even realized she captured on the wedding day, because I never realized she was even there. She really captured all of the emotions of the day. On top of that, Anastasia and Vladimir were super nice, and made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.


Anastasia and Vladimir were truly wonderful to work with. A week or so before the wedding, we shared a list of family photos that we wanted to have from our wedding and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out. We both have big families and it was tough getting everyone together but Anastasia was very patient. She was very professional and worked so well with her husband Vladimir, they were able to get the same scene from different angles and I loved that! Having two photographers was a must for our size wedding and it worked out great. The photos are so vibrant and colorful, which is what we loved from looking at Anastasia's portfolio. And they really captured how we felt about the day - lots of fun, family, and friends! 


Anastasia and Vlad were amazing to work with and we’re so happy they were available for our wedding. The amazing pictures they produce speak for themselves, but there were so many other qualities that made the day so special. Vivid Creativity– Anastasia and Vlad are opposite of just point and shoot photographers. We hadn’t scouted venues for photos before the reception and they offered so many options for locations in the area, which came out beautiful! Although they had never shot a wedding at our venue, Anastasia & Vlad suggested poses and settings as soon as they saw the lighting and décor of the room. They made our entire wedding party and family feel so relaxed, which show in both the candid and posed photos. It’s difficult for my new husband to not look goofy in pictures and they managed to capture amazing photos that we will cherish forever!


We had an incredible experience with Anastasia and Vladimir. They were extremely patient with us as we are not used to taking photos like that. They made us feel comfortable and, of course, the photos were beautiful! They are both very creative in finding ways to make memorable shots and truly captured the setting and mood of the day!


I was so drawn to Anastasia's documentary style of photography - capturing those candid moments you really want to remember. My nervousness was easily put to rest by Anastasia  ’s complete professionalism. She was very responsive and her and Vladimir were a perfect team. They were laid back and so very nice during the entire process. I could not be happier with my pictures and I could not recommend them more!


Anastasia and Vladimir were such a great pick for us for our wedding photography. My husband is not a fan of getting his picture taken and often pulls awkward or pained faces in shots just to express his disdain, but somehow Anastasia captured many great moments from him. I think that had a lot to do with Anastasia and Vladimir being very relaxed and engaging. All of our pictures came out wonderfully, and they really captured a lot of beautiful moments. I was hoping for a lot of candid shots and they definitely delivered. One thing I really wanted in a wedding photographer was someone who would not be in my guests faces all night, making them very conscious we were being photographed. Anastasia and Vladimir did a great job of blending in and were never annoying or intruding. All in all, Anastasia and Vladimir helped make our day that much better because of their professionalism and personalities. I love our pictures, and I know they will help us remember our wedding day fondly.


After much research, my husband and I were drawn to the bold colors in Anastasia and Vladimir’s photos as well as crisp the photo quality was in their examples. Anastasia is extremely organized, which is so nice when you’re dealing with so many vendors. Photography was one aspect I was not worried about. All our photos were fabulous and we received so many compliments. She is so amazing at capturing photos with natural light and positions you so that the photos are flattering. One of the best decisions we made was hiring Anastasia and Vladimir for our wedding!