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Philadelphia Best Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer in Philadelphia is an amazingly rewarding and exciting job! This city has so many spectacular and unique opportunities for wedding photographs of any style! Regardless the time of the year, whether it is the middle of the winter, blooming April or hot August, there are so many marvelous locations to choose from that will blow your mind away.

Old City Philadelphia Wedding Photos

The old City is by far my favorite part of Philadelphia for wedding photographs. I love it so much for the historical feel and impeccable atmosphere it exhales, the variety of backgrounds, the marble columns of the First and Second National Banks and the red brick walls of the Carpenter's Hall. 

When planning for perfect Old City locations for your wedding photos, map out what exact spots you would like to go to for your bridal party pictures, which ones you prefer for photos of just the two of you, and what locations will work well for both. Having an exact plan where to go will help you to have a piece of mind and will same you time. Don't plan to take photos at every single building at every park. Prioritize the locations that you love the most and which would be the best backdrop for you bridesmaids dresses and your flowers. 

This particular photograph features the bridal party cheering to the passing by cars. This was a completely organic moment that occurred second after we took some traditional photos of them looking directly into the camera. The steps and columns of the First National Bank served a perfect backdrop for the pastel and black color combination of the bridal party attire.

Location: 116 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19112.