Philadelphia City Hall Wedding Photos
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Philadelphia City Hall Wedding Photos

Philadelphia City Hall is by far one of my most favorite locations for wedding photographs. I love how much of a variety it has to offer. I am always amazed by its majestic architecture. I adore its dramatic marble walls and spectacular staircase. The City Hall's courtyard is another phenomenal feature of this architectural masterpiece. Anywhere you go, this Philly's historical building will take your breath away

Philadelphia City Hall's best photo location

  • The Arches. There are four arches exiting south, north, east and west part of Philadelphia. All of them look phenomenal. But one of my favorite so far is the arch overlooking South Broad Street. It is the longest one and gives plenty of room for us as wedding photographers to back up if necessary. It also have plenty of space to fit a big bridal party. The natural light comes just in the right amount to evenly lit the subjects in front of the dark moody walls.

  • The Staircase. The top photograph featuring the bride and groom standing on the staircase is exactly the spot I am referring too. This staircase is probably one of Philadelphia City Hall's key features. It has already become one of the city's iconic locations for Philadelphia wedding photos. There is not enough natural light coming in to lit people's faces if we position our bride and groom on the top of the stairs. So it this scenario, like the top photograph and the one below, the use of artificial light will come into play.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

  • Dilworth Park Wedding Photos. This is another phenomenal Philadelphia City Hall's backdrop for wedding photographs. I especially love to position our couples outside in front of the arch, exiting the Dilworth Park. I love the look of the grand yellow chandelier in the background and the way the arch frames the subject. So many unique compositional element just in one spot! Another wonderful thing about this location are the fountains that are on as a rule during spring-summer time. Just don't hesitate and don't worry to get a little wet, at least during your engagement session. It is all worth it, trust me!

Location: 1401 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

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