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Philadelphia Greek Wedding Photographer

Being a New Jersey and Philadelphia wedding photographer is a very rewarding career as throughout the years we are being introduced to so many cultures and traditions. Greek wedding ceremonies and receptions have always been one of my favorites. There is something so special in particular about the Greek culture of celebrating the union of two people that has always fascinated me.

Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

Being a photographer at a Greek wedding ceremony requires having a solid knowledge of all the kew traditions that will happen throughout the mass as all of them are very meaningful and cannot be missed. Those include:

  • The Exchange of Rings
  • The Lighting of the Camdles
  • The Crowning
  • The Reedings from the Biblr
  • The Drinking of the Common Cup
  • The Ceremonial Walking
  • The Proclamation of Husband and Wife

Being a husband and wife team of photographers is incredibly beneficial and helpful since two of us can photograph from two different angles simultaneously during the wedding ceremonies. And it is especially crucial when documenting very traditional masses like Greek ceremonies. 

One of the most awaited and exciting part of a Greek wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom exit the church and the guest toss them with rice. We always witness all sort of the most amazing and authentic reactions during this part. Just keep in mind that rice will get into every square inch of your dress, tux, hair, wedding bouquet etc. and it is not very easy to get rid of it. But all the emotions, memories and great photos are all worth the struggle for sure! The photograph above was captured after the wedding ceremony at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in Trenton new Jersey. 

Location: 1200 Klockner Rd, Trenton, NJ 08619.