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Philadelphia Top Wedding Photographer

Being a Philadelphia Wedding Photographer has a lot of its advantages and challenges at the same time. While photographing a wedding in the city almost every weekend, we got to work at the same locations and venues over and over again. On one hand, I an incredible thankful for the feeling of confidence and calm that I gained throughout all of these years documenting Philadelphia weddings. On the other hand, as an artist, you might get easily bored of doing the same thing over and over again. At least, it might feel that way sometimes. So as wedding photographer, what do we do to keep ourselves inspired, excited and motivated to create beautiful work regardless of the repetitive part? Listening to my clients, responding to their needs and exceeding their expectations.

As a wedding photographer, I want to listen to my clients. Listen very attentively. I want to do my best to get to know you better and tailor my work and creativity to tune in with your wedding needs and desires. So please, never feel bad about asking to re-create some of the wedding photos you saw on our website or you found in Pinterest. With over than 10,000 weddings taking place in Philadelphia each year, it is understandable that the most iconic city locations will be seen in photographer's work over and over again. And that is totally fine. I want to hear all about what you love and value, what kind of photos you feel more drawn to, what kind of lighting attracts you the most and how you want your wedding photograph to feel.

No location or venue or place can feel boring when someone's unique story is unfolding there. If you love the City Hall Broad Street, I will go there for you the 1738637648th time. And I will challenge myself to seek for the new perspectives and angles to create something special and unique for you, day or night.

Contact us today and tell us all about your wedding day plans. I would love to see if we are a good fit and what we could create together for your special day!

Location: Ballroom at the Ben.

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