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Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I understand that wedding planning is such an exciting time for you and your fiancé. Your thoughts are probably racing with all of the things that have to be planned and discussed. I've been a bride myself too and I completely get you! You are planning the day you have been waiting and anticipating since your childhood and yet that will only be one day!

You want to make sure everything will look perfect, coordinated in style, and colors. You probably have thoughts like ' How do I decide what dress style is best' or 'What wedding venue should I choose', ' Do we do a first look or see each other for the first time at the ceremony'? And lastly, you might be questioning yourself how to choose a perfect wedding photographer who you can trust with your wedding memories. And with all of the multitude of incredible artists out there, I know this task can be a bit overwhelming.

Our goal as Philadelphia wedding photographers is to make this one aspect of your wedding planning process less overwhelming and simple. Think about it. Wedding photography is much more than beautifully captured images, it is a real part of your Big Day. Your wedding photographer will be the person with who you will probably spend more time than with your future spouse on your wedding day. So first of all, you want to make sure this person can put you at ease, make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

From our initial meeting with you till the post-wedding album design process, we will always be an email or a quick phone call away. We will guide you through the engagement session process, will suggest the best locations for your photos that will match the style you like. We will gladly provide you with our favorite vendor recommendations, will discuss your wedding timeline in all the smallest details. We will help you to put together a perfect family shot list and discuss with you all of the key moments that will be happening throughout your wedding day. As Philadelphia wedding photographers, we will provide you with the best suggestion on where to do your first look and what locations are great for the bridal party photos.

Most importantly, as your wedding photographers, we want to tune in with your vision you have for your wedding day and tailor our work to exceed your expectations. Our goal is to tell a perfect story of your love in the most unique and beautiful way!

Location: 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

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