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What makes a good Philadelphia wedding photographer the best Philadelphia wedding photographer?

In the incredibly saturated wedding market, it might feel overwhelming to find the photographer how you can trust with your wedding day one hundred percent. It is also important to connect with that person on a more personal level since your wedding photographer will be with you almost the entire day. You want to make sure that your day will be documented perfectly and no moments will be missed. And at the same time your photographer has to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident while documenting one of the most important days of your life. So where do you even begin when searching for a perfect wedding photographer in Philadelphia?

First step would be checking out different photographers' portfolios. Narrow down your selection to at least 15-20 photographers and take a close look at those people's work. Wedding portfolio can already give you a pretty good idea about the photographer's style, experience, consistent look of the photographs an so on. A good wedding photographer will present a huge variety of photographs in his or her portfolio that will showcase different portions of the wedding day, multiple wedding venues, portrait locations, as well as weddings captured at different seasons during the year and not-so-perfect weather conditions.

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Once you narrow down your selection of wedding photographers whose style really resonates with you and you can see yourself in their photographs, reach out to them to learn more about their pricing structure. If the wedding photographer falls into your budget range, you can also ask them to share a few full wedding galleries. This is where you can clearly see what sets apart a good wedding photographer from a remarkable wedding photographer.

If you are getting married in Philadelphia and you are looking to hire a local photographer, chances are he or she has photographed weddings at your venue before. So don't hesitate to ask specifically to see the galleries of the Philadelphia wedding venue you are getting married at, ideally during the same time of the year as your wedding date.

The full wedding gallery will help you with quite a few things. First, you will have a much better picture of the kind of work the wedding photographer can produce at your wedding venue and what you can expect to receive. Second, you can take a look of the nearby portrait locations that the photographer used for that specific wedding and see if you like any. Sometimes wedding timelines and logistics are similar and seeing what worked well for other couple and what plan they used for their day is very helpful.

Lastly, the best wedding photographers in Philadelphia are good at managing their time. You want to make sure you hire a professional who can make right decisions on a fly without compromising the quality of work, someone who can handle a tough situation with ease when something is going not entirely according the plan. Your ideal wedding photographer should be able to work efficiently and keep you on track with your wedding timeline, even if there are delays.

When it comes to weddings, every second is priceless, so it is crucial to find the right photographer who will value your precious time as much as you do and will take the best care of your wedding memories.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Philadelphia, we would love to connect with you! We hope you'll love our portfolio and it will speak to you. Contact us today to check availability for your date and get more info about our pricing and wedding packages. We would love to hear from you and see if we are good fit for your special day!

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