Philly Winter Wedding Photos
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Philly Winter Wedding Photos

If you are planning a winter wedding in Philadelphia, you are probably having tons of questions crossing your mind as your Big Day approaches. How this or that location will look in February, when it is bursting with flowers and greens during the month of June? Should I have a fur throw or a coat to keep myself warm? Should I have an umbrella? What if it snows non stop, will my photographer be able to get some cool photographs in such weather conditions? Will that affect their equipment? What locations in Philadelphia are the best for winter wedding photos? How should I plan my wedding day timeline so we don't run out of daylight?

Tips for best winter wedding photos in Philadelphia

1. Plan your wedding timeline wisely and consider doing a first look. Winter days are much shorter and it can be easy to run out of natural daylight by 4pm. Here at Anastasia Romanova Photography, we are perfectly experienced with taking photographs indoors as well using some artificial light. However, if the natural light wedding photos are a priority for you, make sure you properly put together your wedding day timeline. And as your photographers, we are always here to help you with that!

2. Keep yourself warm. It might appear being cozy and not crazy cold on photographs, but once you step outside you face the reality of winter weather. So make sure you have something to put on to keep you warm. Pinterest can be your best friend here. Just search something like 'fur cape for wedding' and you will be surprised how many gorgeous options are out there.

3. Talk to your wedding photographers if they can handle rainy or snowy weather. We use top of the line waterproof cameras and lenses which makes us capable to cover your wedding day in no matter what weather conditions. We always make sure to bring along a beautiful clear umbrella for our couples if there is a chance of rain or snow.

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