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My husband and I are so grateful to have had Anastasia and Vladimir as our photographers. Anastasia's style is refreshingly different from the washed-out, soft, blah style that's common nowadays. Her images are bright, vivid, crisp, bold, and colorful. She and Vladimir didn't rest for a second, beautifully capturing hundreds and hundreds of moments throughout our big day. Beyond her immense artistic talent, Anastasia was wonderful to work with. She's extremely well organized, responsive to questions, and receptive to requests. Her level-headedness actually helped us remain calm despite the chaos of our big day. Anastasia & Vladimir produced countless breathtaking portraits that we'll treasure forever.

I'm not sure I could use enough words to express just how amazing these two are. Anastasia and Vladimir are just incredible. Their eye for detail and gorgeous pictures are unmatched. After looking through 50+ photographers - the difference was clear - I had to have Anastasia. She captured every moment perfectly and I loved working with them both. They work perfectly together; you can't tell who took which shot, everything is seamless. I can't thank them enough for being hands-on enough to get the shots we wanted, and hands-off enough that we still enjoyed our night 110%. Not only was the day-of perfect, but all the details leading up to the big day were spot on. I had a ton of timely communication, lots of flexibility with scheduling dates, several payments submitted to them, the list goes on. Get the engagement package - it's worth every penny and then some. We were able to work together before the big day and it made everything so much easier and stress free! No detail was too small - they were an absolute dream to work with. Stop thinking about it and book them today - you'll regret it if you don't!

Our experience with Anastasia and Vladimir was amazing!!! We hired them to take photos of our wedding day and their sweet spirit put everyone at ease as they were able to capture every special moment of our big day. There were many times throughout the day where the would pop up and capture unbelievable candids, intimate moments with us and our guests, and even the very specific details of our wedding ceremony that were very important to my husband and I. They were very professional, easy to work with, were barely noticeable, but seemed to get photos of everything - including things that happened at our wedding that we did not even know happened! Even amidst all of the craziness that can happen at a wedding, they got the job done. We are SO happy we hired them!

Searching for a photographer, like any other part of the wedding process can be a challenge - especially when you already have an idea of how you would like to look in the wedding photos. Since I don't take many photos of just me and shy away from too much attention, it was difficult to see myself liking any photos from anyone. After meeting Anastasia and looking through her gorgeous photos, my now-husband and I loved every detail. Anastasia and her husband, Vladimir were so kind and easy to talk to during the entire process. I get very nervous when it comes to being photographed. They certainly were able to direct my husband and I so we wouldn't show our nerves. Anastasia took the time to listen to my thoughts and helped me boost my confidence. Since they were so easy going, I felt comfortable addressing my insecurities and it made for such a perfect day. Also, one of the important goals my husband and I had was to make sure our vendors were able to work cohesively. It is such a crucial step that vendors can be flexible with each other. This helps make the day stress-free. Anastasia and Vladimir work so well with each other and with everyone else and it made for a smooth day. They work in sync and without chaos that you would not even realize they were there. We couldn't even recall some of the special moments they captured, as they were happening. It is touching to know they were able to make it a lasting memory for us. Our photos are stunning and we are truly gracious for the everlasting memories.

Anastasia and Vladimir were an amazing option to capture our wedding, as well as our engagement photos. They were willing to travel up to our current home in Brooklyn, NY to capture some amazing fall photos in the late afternoon. This couple is meticulous, seasoned, and most importantly, tremendously kind and comforting. They helped make the wedding photo process (which can be awkward at times for people not used to taking photos) as smooth as possible. They do a wonderful job of capturing beautiful lighting, and some of our favorite photos are fantastic candid shots of ourselves laughing and moving. These photos are NOT your run-of-the-mill stock photos, and Anastasia and Vlad will capture moments you will love for a lifetime.

When it came to picking a photographer for the wedding, I was very very picky - until I stumbled upon Anastasia. She was the only photographer we met with and the only one we needed to. Her style and unique shots were exactly what we were looking for! We had done both our engagement photos and wedding photos with Anastasia and Vladimir – and we could not be more thrilled with the result. The photos were absolutely gorgeous! She has a such a unique eye and creates beautiful photos in any environment! It rained on our wedding day so we had to stick with mostly indoor photos, but that didn’t negatively affect any of our photos. Anastasia was able to create beautiful photos regardless of the background or environment. Not only that, but both Anastasia and Vladimir were an absolute pleasure to work with! They are patient, friendly, and make you feel totally comfortable through all the various photos!

When we first met Anastasia when we were looking for our photographer, she immediately put us at ease - she is very kind, caring, and thoughtful - and I knew instantly she was who we wanted to work with. From our engagement photos to our wedding day, she was extremely easy to work with. Highly professional and responsive but also understands how important your wedding day is to you. Throughout our wedding day she was polite, professional, and did a great job corralling all of our family and friends for portraits and bridal party photos. Most importantly- her photos are absolutely gorgeous. She was able to capture every element of our day - all of the formal photos, candid moments, and little moments between me and my husband - with ease and most of the time I forgot she was there. She works to realistically capture your day so you can remember it exactly as is. Thank you Anastasia & Vlad for being such a joy to work with and for capturing our special day, we could not be more grateful!

Hiring Anastasia was the best decision I made for my wedding! I really wanted a photographer who did way more than the usual classic poses, and boy did she deliver. If you look at her samples, her subjects don’t look awkward or posed and that’s what attracted to me about her work most. My husband and I felt very relaxed and in good hands with her direction. I have some of the most unique and breath taking beautiful wedding photos of anyone I know. You can truly tell she loves what she does, and is a true artist. Prior to the wedding, communicating with Anastasia was a breeze. She was quick to respond and very polite and patient as I asked ten million questions! Anastasia and her husband Vladimir were an excellent team, and worked to capture my day from every possible angle without being intrusive. To be honest I barely noticed them all day! They showed up to our hotel right on time, and got straight to work! They were extremely professional, polite and patient, and captured some truly special moments that I’m very happy to have. Her final product is excellent as well, we received a few preview photos only days after the wedding! That was such a special treat to share with my family. We received our final photos only five weeks after the date (so fast!), and I’m thrilled with every single one. The colors, composition and moments are perfect in every shot. I couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend Anastasia for anyone looking for a wedding photographer who can capture timeless photos of your big day!

Our photographs are gorgeous! Anastasia's work is utterly amazing! I looked at so many photographers' websites but was instantly hooked when I saw Anastasia's work. She has a richness to her photographs and captures sweet genuine moments that can only be caught in an instant. She has an incredible eye! When I met with Anastasia for the first time her, her confidence and strength were as evident as her kindness. I think it's important to note that she was very clear in outlining when we should put together the wedding day's timeline and she essentially crafted it when the time came. She was always accessible and happy to answer any questions and offer assistance. I knew she had complete control over the timing and knew what needed to be photographed so that on the day of the wedding my husband and I were able to just relax and enjoy. She and Vladimir were an absolute pleasure to work with. They seemed genuinely happy to share our day with us. Anastasia was artistic & creative and they both took control when needed to get the right shot. They were open to suggestion and very direct with their thoughts and opinions when asked. We could not be happier with the results!

Anastasia and Vlad were amazing to work with and we’re so happy they were available for our wedding. The amazing pictures they produce speak for themselves, but there were so many other qualities that made the day so special. Extremely Patient – after confirming an early check-in at the hotel so we could take preparation photos in the suite, the room was not ready when we showed up. Anxiety was high after an already hectic morning, but Anastasia used this time to shoot the bridal shoes and bouquets in the lobby so we wouldn’t lose time. At the reception, they accommodated the endless requests from both sides of the family for photos in every possible combination imaginable (aunt/uncle/cousins, aunt/uncle only, aunt/cousins only, mom/aunt/grandma, and the list goes on and on... and on). Vivid Creativity– Anastasia and Vlad are opposite of just point and shoot photographers. We hadn’t scouted venues for photos before the reception and they offered so many options for locations in the area, which came out beautiful! Although she had never shot a wedding at our venue, Anastasia suggested poses and settings as soon as she saw the lighting and décor of the room. They made our entire wedding party and family feel so relaxed, which show in both the candid and posed photos. It’s difficult for my new husband to not look goofy in pictures and they managed to capture amazing photos that we will cherish forever.

If you're hoping to capture your Wedding memories in an amazingly elegant, artistic and purely beautiful way, I strongly recommend Anastasia Romanova photography. This incredibly talented team took such great care of us from planning discussions to the walk down the aisle and throughout the big day!!! We had a large wedding, lots of bridal party attendants, flower girls and more and Anastasia and Vladimir both orchestrated our requested photos as well as swept around us to capture candid moments too!! This is all before I even saw the first photo! When we saw the Facebook preview it nearly brought me to tears. I could not have imagined that the images of my new husband and I would be so perfect. We will think of ARP very fondly for years to come as we enjoy and share their photos of our Wedding Day!

Anastasia and Vladimir are fantastic at their job. They work together beautifully and effortlessly. Very professional and easy to work with. Throughout the day, there were many times that I did not even realize they were there (in a good way!). I could not be happier with how our pictures turned out!! They were able to capture so many special moments so beautifully. Can not speak well enough about how happy we were to choose them as our photographers.

I thought picking a wedding photographer would be a difficult task. When I came across Anastasia's website I felt connected to her pictures and knew that I must have her to document my wedding. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. She takes more than just pictures she truly documents the moments, the story, and the emotions in a way that I could not have even fathomed. Anastasia and Vladimir did both my engagement and wedding photos. Working with them during my engagement photo shoot was amazing. They made me feel so comfortable and captured the love that my now husband and I truly have for one another. And my wedding photos have not disappointed. I have received numerous comments on how the pictures look as though they're from a bridal magazine. You can truly sense the energy from the photos. You will be lucky if you are able to have Anastasia and Vladimir do for your wedding what they have done for mine. Not to mention that they are both extremely kind-hearted and welcoming people but beyond talented in their art. I would recommend Anastasia to all of my friends and family and to all who will listen. I am forever thankful for the memories that Anastasia was able to capture.

Anastasia and Vladimir were absolutely amazing photographers. We LOVED our wedding pictures so much! They look so beautiful and natural, and Anastasia is incredibly creative with her shots. As I was looking through my pictures, there were so many moments that I never even realized she captured on the wedding day, because I never realized she was even there. She really captured all of the emotions of the day. On top of that, Anastasia and Vladimir were super nice, and made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process.

Anastasia and Vladimir were truly wonderful to work with. We did our engagement shoot with them a few months before our wedding so that we could get to know her a little bit better and I am so glad that we did. It was a lot of fun and we got some really lovely shots. I would really recommend doing an engagement shoot, it's worth the extra cost. She and Vladimir were very professional and worked so well together. They were able to get the same scene from different angles and I loved that! Having two photographers was a must for our size wedding and it worked out great. Their photos are so vibrant and colorful, which is what we loved from looking at their portfolio. And they really captured how we felt about the day - lots of fun, family, and friends!

I was so drawn to Anastasia's documentary style of photography - capturing those candid moments you really want to remember. My nervousness was easily put to rest by Anastasia complete professionalism. She was very responsive and her and Vladimir were a perfect team. They were laid back and so very nice during the entire process I could not be happier with my pictures and I could not recommend them more!

I am glad we found Anastasia and Vladimir. She was the only photographer we had a meeting with and we immediately booked her right away a little over a year before our wedding. Where do I even begin with Anastasia's professionalism? As a bride you have so many things to worry about and you tend to forget about a lot of things but no need to worry about that with Anastasia. Her communication is beyond expectation. She guides you through the process along with honest feedback. From our engagement shoot- she asked us in advance what the look we are going for and let us have fun with it. On our wedding day she was patient, observant and overall amazing. She captured all of the little details I was worried she would had missed but she didn't! If you are looking for an awesome duo to shoot your wedding don't look any further! I bet you will not be disappointed at all!

Anastasia and Vladimir were absolutely amazing at our wedding. They were so easy to work with and made us feel very comfortable. Anastasia was always quick to respond to any questions we had throughout the whole planning process. We are so happy we picked Anastasia and her husband as our photographers. The completed pictures are perfect! All of the shots they got and the different angles were great. It was a magical day and the pictures helps us relive that magic over and over again. I had given Anastasia a very long list of shots that we wanted and I was impressed that she brought the list with her and checked with me to make sure we got all of the shots throughout the day. Anastasia delivers quality work. Thank you to Anastasia and Vladimir for making our wedding day everything we could have imagined and more.

Anastasia and Vladimir were such a great pick for us for our wedding photography. My husband is not a fan of getting his picture taken and often pulls awkward or pained faces in shots just to express his disdain, but somehow Anastasia captured many great (and smiling!) moments from him. I think that had a lot to do with Anastasia and Vladimir being very relaxed and engaging. All of our pictures came out wonderfully, and they really captured a lot of beautiful moments. I was hoping for a lot of candid shots, as I prefer them over posed portraits, and they definitely delivered. One thing I really wanted in a wedding photographer was someone who would not be in my guests faces all night, making them (and myself and my husband) very conscious we were being photographed. Anastasia and Vladimir did a great job of blending in and were never annoying or intruding like a lot of photographers can be. Anastasia's communication prior to the wedding was great and prompt. Friends and family all loved the pictures, and so do my husband and I. All in all, Anastasia and Vladimir helped make our day that much better because of their professionalism and personalities. I love our pictures, and I know they will help us remember our wedding day fondly.