Curtis Center Wedding Photos
Anastasia Romanova Photography

Curtis Center Wedding Photos

The Atrium at the Curtis Center is one of the Philadelphia's most beautiful and sophisticated wedding venues. I must say it is one of a kind. It is grand, majestic and absolutely stunning. It is always a treat to photograph wedding events there. Any angle you take will look wonderful. 

This photograph was taken during a greek wedding reception that took place at the Curtis Center. 

The bridal party just made their entrance into the grand ballroom and the bride and groom went into their first dance as husband and wife. It was truly a precious moment to document. We were able to take a whole variety of different angles, but this frame might be one of my favorite. I love how softly the bride's head rest on the grooms shoulder, how gently the groom hold his bride, how the light touches them and bring the viewer's eyes to the couple, and at the same time it creates a distinct separation from the guests standing behind. The tulle ceiling, that is probably one of the key decor elements at the Atrium at the Curtis Center, served perfectly as the leading lines and is simply a great compositional element. The soft purple uplighting is well combined with yellowish light coming from the chandeliers, which worked perfectly to creating a nice ambience for the entire wedding reception. 

There was one off camera flash to camera's right used to lit the scene.

Canon 5D mark III; ISO 800; f/3.2; 1/100 sec

Location: 601 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106.