Dumbo Brooklyn Wedding Photographer
Anastasia Romanova Photography

Dumbo Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

We often are being asked what are the best locations for New York city skyline photos? A lot  of newly engaged couples from all over the world dream about having New York as the backdrop for their photographs. 

As wedding photographers, one of the locations that we would highly recommend to consider is Brooklyn Bridge Park. It probably has anything you have ever wanted for your engagement or wedding photos. From the iconic view of Manhattan skyscrapers, colorful carousel, beautiful waterfront and yellow ferry taxis to red brick buildings with forged shutters and hidden gardens with vibrant greenery. 

The Brooklyn Bridge alone is a phenomenal spot for a photo session. Just be prepared for crowds. There is probably no such time during the day, week or year where Dumbo is not crowded with tourists. So what can you do? You can have your session being scheduled early in the morning. Or, if you are hoping to have some sunset photographs, just be prepared for your photographer to wait for crowds to pass. 

Creating some silhouette photos is another great solution for disguising the crowdy Brooklyn Bridge Park. On the photograph above, we had our couple positioned on a small hill and exposed for the dramatic sky. Just don't forget that silhouettes are all about the movement and action. I love that delicate gesture of the bride and the was their faces are being brought together.

Location: 334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.