The Madison Hotel Morristown Wedding Photos
Anastasia Romanova Photography

The Madison Hotel Morristown Wedding Photos

The Madison Hotel in Morristown New Jersey is one impeccable wedding venue. It offers so many opportunities for unique stunning wedding imagery. I particularity love their bridal suites. They might be a little too dim, but it works perfectly for some moody, dramatic preparation photos. 

Having a nice picture of the wedding dress alone is always great and is a must-have. But the photo becomes much more meaningful when it showcases who this item belongs to, why it is there hanging on the window and what is a purpose for that. 

This photograph was taken just before the bride was about to get dressed. It was a very quite morning, the bride felt very relaxed and calm as she still had plenty of time to get ready for the ceremony. We wanted to reflect that quite and peaceful atmosphere of anticipation in the photographs we were taking. So I asked our bride to step next to her gorgeous wedding gown and just take a look at it before she puts it on and simply admire it for a second or two. She also had a very beautiful bridal robe with gorgeous lace sleeves which she had custom made for her. So it was important to feature that as well in a frame. Going for a silhouette intentionally here helped us to blow out the buildings outdoors right next to the window and highlight all the small delicate details of the dress and the bridal robe. 

ISO 250; 35mm; f/2.5; 1/100 sec.

Location: 1 Convent Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960.