Philadelphia Broad Street Wedding Photo
Anastasia Romanova Photography

Philadelphia Broad Street Wedding Photo

The Philadelphia Broad Street photograph is considered to be one of the most iconic shots that almost every couple have on their list. And there is no surprise why this is so. It has that historic element and at the same time reflects that city feel in the best way possible. And there are so many different angles you can photograph bride and groom on the Broad Street and have the grand City Hall building is the background. It also might look completely different depending on what weather is like. 

This photograph of our absolutely gorgeous bride and groom was taken at the beginning of September on a cloudy overcast day. The light was very soft which was great for beautiful skin tones. Another benefit of taking pictures on an overcast day is that the bride and groom can be photographed from any angle as the sunlight is even and it doesn't create any kind of harshness on people's faces. 

Location: 1401 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19107.