Down Town Club Wedding Photos
Anastasia Romanova Photography

Down Town Club Wedding Photos

Down Town Club, one of the Cescaphe's Event Group wedding venues, has one of the most winning locations in the Old City Philadelphia. Within walking distance there is a whole variety of extraordinary places for beautiful wedding photography. I can describe my love for shooting in the Old City for couple reasons: its abundance of greenery, brick walls and fences, cobble stone elements everywhere and tons of beautiful architecture. 

Our bride and groom, who are captured on this photograph, came all the way from the United Kingdom to celebrate their union with families and friends. Since Katie, the bride, was originally from Philadelphia, it was particularly important for her to  capture as many Philadelphia historic backdrops and scenes as possible. This was one of the reasons why the couple chose Down Town Club as their wedding venue. Within a short timeframe we were able to walk around the highlights of the old city like the Merchants Exchange Building, the Carpenter's Hall, The Second National Bank of the United States, The Independence Square. The weather couldn't be more perfect on that September day. The sun was bright and created a beautiful halo around the couple. I especially love the bride's reaction of this photograph as she enjoys the moment with her new husband and the way the sun is piercing through her veil. 

ISO 100; 160mm; f/4; 1/125 sec.

Location: 600 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106.