Westmount Country Club Wedding Photos
Anastasia Romanova Photography
Anastasia Romanova Photography

Westmount Country Club Wedding Photos

Westmount Country club is a ridiculously gorgeous place to get married. This exquisite, elaborate wedding venue is located in Woodland Park New Jersey on 30 acres of pristine landscaping overlooking the picturesque Garret Mountain. And the venue has everything an engaged couple can only dream about. It boasts two gorgeous ballrooms to choose from, the Grand Ballroom and the Continental Room. Both spaces are incredibly stunning and have different guest capacity.

Continental Room at Westmount Country Club

This particular photograph was taken at the Continental Room of the Wesmount Country Club. Looking at this image, I can say that this is a great representation of when all of the elements came perfectly together. 

First Dance as husband and wife

First, the movement element is perfectly captured. It was the final moment of the first dance of the newlyweds which was crucial. Sometimes a little bit of planning has to be involved in order to capture the moment perfectly and from the right angle. Prior the reception,  we discussed with the bride and groom where they would like to be facing when doing the dip, which helped us immensely in future. 

Reception spot light at the Westmount Country Club

Second element that I absolutely love is the light. Most of the times, we use off camera flash to lit the wedding receptions. But sometimes we work with the light that is already available. Westmount Country Club provided fantastic spot light for the key moments of the reception, which was a great hit especially for the first dances. 

Key features of the Continental Room

The third element is the reflection in this photograph, which serves as an interesting compositional element. The marble floors at the Westmount County club look phenomenal and super polished and reflective, which is always a huge bonus for a wedding photographer. 

Location: 728 Rifle Camp Road Woodland Park, NJ 07424.